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Neurodiversity is a topic that has garnered significant attention in the corporate world, as featured by Forbes in recent years. In this global discussion, one consistent voice has emerged as a leading authority: Jude Morrow. Jude is an Irish autistic best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and the founder of Neurodiversity Training International, a driving force in consulting and marketing for neurodiversity in corporate and business settings.

With global momentum gained from his acclaimed books, "Why Does Daddy Always Look So Sad?" and "Loving Your Place on the Spectrum: A Neurodiversity Blueprint," published by Beyond Words, the same publisher of "The Secret," as well as his independently published work, "The Ghosts of Riots Past," Jude Morrow is recognized as the natural successor to Dr. Temple Grandin as an autistic keynote speaker. Having travelled extensively worldwide, Jude has delighted audiences with his autistic experiences and guidance, demonstrating that individuals on the autism spectrum can thrive in life, thereby inspiring parents, professionals, corporations, and society at large.

Jude Morrow has achieved remarkable milestones, including headlining the New York City Autism Tech, Innovation, and Careers Expo in October 2022, embarking on multiple sell-out tours, and reaching millions of people over the past five years. He has conducted corporate training and seminars for esteemed organisations such as Google, IBM, Kyndryl, 3 Mobile, and numerous other global giants. As a result, Jude Morrow is fast becoming one of the most influential autistic individuals worldwide.

Neurodiversity Training International, under Jude's guidance, has been instrumental in assisting businesses, both large and small, that cater to or are run by neurodivergent individuals. By improving marketing strategies, generating sales, and championing the ideals of the broader neurodiversity movement, Jude has made a significant impact. Additionally, he has successfully trained leadership teams to create safer and more productive work environments for employees with neurological differences.

For those seeking an interactive and personalised experience, our neurodiversity workshops are the perfect choice. Whether it's a smaller group of attendees or VIPs, our workshops offer an unparalleled opportunity to engage deeply with Jude. Ideal for young people, teachers, parents, and anyone eager to ask questions and interact on a more profound level, these workshops provide valuable insights.

*Disclaimer: Prepare yourself to hear answers to your questions that may challenge your preconceived notions. What Jude shares today will likely become the accepted mainstream narrative within the next five years. Prepare to be inspired!

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